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What’s the feedback so far?

I wish lessons like this had been around when I started (a hundred years ago!).

Easily digestible and explained in an articulate and easy to understand manner.

Keith is a tasty player and good teacher.

There’s hundreds of bass channels out there, but this one deserves a lot more widespread recognition.

Awesome work.

The explanations are part of the value.

The other is to show at a pace all can understand. It really is Important to remember this.

I have studied, and am a part of a lot of bass hangs😉 but you take it in a new direction and are one of the best!

Keep it real.

Keith, you’re doing great work here!

The variations you play are helping me break out of the “same old” patterns that I’ve been bored to death with for a long time.

I‘m exploring more… taking your ideas and incorporating them into my playing.

Great stuff! Thank you!

This guy was one of the first professionals I ever worked with in a live band.

He taught me so much about the craft because he’s a master! 

Incredible player.

Brilliant human.

Stand-out educator!

Want to play better bass? He’s your man.



Keith Peberdy

Academy of Bass founder


The Beginner

Keith came to bass playing aged 16. Within just a few months of getting his first bass, he was in a working band playing covers. It wasn’t long before he began stumbling across a whole bunch of musical interests and soon realised that being a professional musician was how he wanted to earn his living.

Unable to find a teacher, he started teaching himself all things music – how to read, learned harmony, studied different styles and played with as many musicians as he could.


The Musician

Lots of work followed that and Keith has since enjoyed a varied career across most areas of the industry, kickstarted by a period with the European Youth Jazz Orchestra and closely followed by collaborations with some of the biggest names in popular music, Jazz & broadcasting. He has a host of performance & recording credits to his name.


The Educator

Along the way, Keith has carved out a career as an educator, delivering a host of bass-specific workshops and seminars, but also teaching broader music subjects such as harmony, composition, music theory and aural studies in lectures.

“I was always desperate to be able to play like my musical heroes, but equally as desperate to develop my own way of playing. I think that’s the most powerful trait you can possess as a musician. Work hard, copy your heroes, but use everything you’ve learned to play like YOU. All the players we love – Jamerson, McCartney, Marcus, Geddy… are loved because they are unique and different”.

Academy of Bass

About the Bass School

The Ethos

The Academy of Bass is the culmination of over 30 years of professional experience. Until very recently, Keith admits to having “little interest in social media” and was mostly disappointed with the general health of teaching online.

“So many creators, produce bare-bones lessons and the YouTube fashion of hacks, tricks & licks lessons leave me cold and feeling that bass students are being sold short”.

Having spent a lot of time checking out online bass education, Keith decided to launch the Academy of Bass. A completely unoriginal concept and name yes, but Keith’s huge passion for explaining things clearly, breaking things down so that they are easy to understand and empowering students with musical information they can use in their playing and to develop their understanding of music theory, is much more important than the name!

With much trepidation; “I knew I could teach well (I’ve taught 1,000’s of bass players over the years), but getting that same passion, enthusiasm & fluency across as a video presenter is an entirely different skill”, Academy of Bass was launched during the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020.

The Academy

It’s a tough medium and getting the balance right, so that lessons suit players of every ability is virtually impossible. However, Keith’s aim is to produce a full and varied selection of lessons, to engage every type of player.

It’s very early days though and whilst fully aware of the huge number of alternatives, the initial signs are promising – Lots of positive feedback commending the very clear and easy to understand lessons and high praise too, for the extremely detailed PDF Workbooks that accompany each lesson.

Happy Practising!