Like any good school, the Academy has a curriculum packed full of great information. The bass program has all the academic music theory and practical knowledge you need to become a well-rounded musician.

The Academy of Bass also presents you with a balance of practical skills that will help you along the way to being the best bass player you can be

In addition to the detailed course and lesson content, we’ll guide you through the entire program, and show you ways of practising and developing everything you’ve learned, so that you can get things into your own playing as quickly as possible.




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We believe in simplicity.

The academy has been designed with that in mind,

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Areas of Study

Scale Syllabus

A comprehensive study of scales across the entire bass. It’s a complete scale workout that will really help you unlock the fingerboard and improve your understanding of music theory.

Chord Studies

A practical study of chords to improve your understanding of harmony – Arpeggios, chord voicing, extensions & alterations, popular chord progressions, voice leading, modal playing and harmonics.


The fundamentals of improvising in different styles. Learn to play solos using chord tones, key centres, scales. How to build/use harmonic & rhythmic motifs and a variety of other improvisational devices. Also includes analysis of solos.

Reading & Ear Training

Everything you need to know about deciphering & reading notation and ear training – Stave notation, chord charts, lead sheets, score navigation, reading rhythms, sight reading, developing relative pitch.

Playing Styles

Play authentic stylistic bass lines –  Walking bass, Latin & Afro-Cuban, Soul/R&B, Blues, Reggae & Ska, Country, Rock, Funk, Pop, Fretless bass and more…

Groove Studies

Improve your groove. Playing and developing bass lines across a range of styles and meters. Learn how to hold the low end down and stretch out to create great bass lines using what you know. Features a series of lessons with a live rhythm section.


Build greater control in your playing – Left hand and right hand technique, alternate picking, muting, ghosting, raking, using a plectrum, palm muting, vibrato, pull-offs, hammer-ons, tapping, etc.

Slap Bass

Learn and develop a solid, fundamental technique, which will act as the foundation for this full program of lessons across 2 full courses – All things Funk and more Funk!

General Musicianship

All the things that compliment your bass playing and help make you a well rounded musician – Building a repertoire, how to practice, transcribing techniques, music theory, being a professional musician, basic piano skills, working in a live studio session, physical health…

Walking Bass

Learn how to negotiate simple & more complex chord progressions, properly outline harmony, inc. extended & altered chords. Use connecting notes &  chromaticism, developing good time, use rhythm & octave displacement and analyse some of the world’s most renowned bass player’s walking bass lines.

Modal Studies

A fresh take on studying the modes, centred around an in-depth study of keys. Chord studies, etudes, improvisations, etc. All aimed at assuring you really ‘know’ your neck and can play fluently in any key, across the entire instrument.

Bass Lines

The fundamental role of bass players is playing great bass lines. You’ll learn some of the most influential bass lines of all time, in many genres and study/learn the characteristic elements of a host of iconic bass players. 

Members Area

The Dashboard

Your personal study space within the academy.

This is your portal for getting to courses, resources, support and other members.



This is the heart of the academy and it’s where you connect directly to lessons for every area of study in the bass curriculum.


Course workbooks, notation, fingering diagrams, backing tracks and one-off courses are all at your disposal here.

Bass Line Library

If you’ve ever wanted to learn your favourite song, or you’re looking for inspiration for new songs to get to grips with, this is the place for you. 100’s of transcribed bass lines in all genres.

Bass Play-a-Longs

A series of play-a-long volumes in every style and with a live band. You can sit in with the band, play great bass lines, back soloists and even take a solo yourself.

Members Noticeboard

This is where you can collaborate and interact with other academy members. Post anything you want regarding your bass playing and learning. Your very own advertising space. 


Mentoring & Support – if you want personal feedback, or one-to-one support you can get it here. As a member, you have direct access to the academy.



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