One-to-One mentoring and support throughout your membership, to help you understand what to focus on, what to work on and in what order, to benefit you most.

Guided Learning

Progressive courses, designed to give you a guided route from beginner through to advanced level.


“Happy Practicing!”

Honest Feedback

The feedback you receive will be genuine and honest and always aimed at helping you focus on the most appropriate areas of study for you. We want to help you to understand, learn and practice more effectively. Our ultimate aim… to help you Play Better Bass.

Our Ethos

At the Academy of Bass, we don’t think it’s quite enough to offer engaging courses and comprehensive support materials alone. Each course also has its own study guide to help you get the most out of every lesson.

We’ll show you the most effective way to tackle every course including how and what to practice. Most courses have additional video content too, with lots of great ideas of how to work.