The guided tour walks you through the entire Bass Academy and will give you an insight as to what’s available to you if you choose to become a member.

Course library – lesson within each course
* some sample snippets from designated lessons.

* some samples of the resources.


Highlight the additional content within courses that show members how to take full advantage of lesson material and how to practice & develop lesson content.

Bass line library – A list of all transcriptions plus some examples of sample bass lines.

Bass play-a-longs volumes.

Members area – promote interaction with other members.

Mentoring – promote feedback/critique from KP.

Over 100 lessons in many categories, covering every aspect of bass playing & general musicianship

There’s something in the academy for everyone, regardless of ability, experience, or where you are now as a bass player.

Even if you’re a complete beginner who’s just got your first instrument and is looking for a good starting point.

Areas of Study

Scale Syllabus

A comprehensive study of scales across the entire bass. It’s a complete scale workout that will really help you unlock the fingerboard. Includes variations for 5 & 6 string instruments.

Chord Studies

A practical study of chords to improve your understanding of harmony – Arpeggios, chord voicing, extensions & alterations, voice leading, popular harmonic chord progressions, modal playing and harmonics.


The fundamentals of improvising in different styles. Learn to play solos using chord tones, key centres, scales and how to build and use harmonic & rhythmic motifs. Also includes analysis of solos.

Reading & Ear Training

Everything you need to know about deciphering & reading notation and ear training – Stave notation, chord charts, lead sheets, score navigation, reading rhythms, sight reading, developing relative pitch.

Playing Styles

Play authentic stylistic bass lines –  Walking bass, Latin & Afro-Cuban, Soul/R&B, Blues, Reggae & Ska, Country, Rock, Funk, Pop, Fretless bass and more…

Groove Studies

Improve your groove. Playing and developing bass lines across a range of styles and meters. Learn how to hold the low end down and stretch out to create great bass lines using what you know. Features a series of lessons with a live rhythm section.


Build greater control in your playing – Left hand and right hand technique, alternate picking, muting, ghosting, raking, using a plectrum, palm muting, vibrato, pull-offs, hammer-ons, tapping, etc.

Slap Bass

Learn and develop a solid, fundamental technique, which will act as the foundation for this full program of lessons across 2 full courses – All things Funk and more Funk!

General Musicianship

All the things that compliment your bass playing and help make you a well rounded musician – Building a repertoire, how to practice, transcribing techniques, music theory, being a professional musician, basic piano skills, working in a live studio session, physical health…

Benefits & Features of Membership

Access to a curriculum packed full of Bass ‘know how’.

Unlock the fingerboard with an in depth study of chords, scales, techniques, improvisation, reading notation, ear training, playing styles, bass lines, groove studies, studio recording, session hints & tips, plus specialist modules.

Meet & Greet

A ‘get to know you’ session, to find out where you are as a bass player, what you want to get out of being an Academy member, and to discuss your personal study plan.

Comprehensive Course Library

Over 100 lessons in multiple categories covering all things Bass and where everything is broken down, so it’s easier to understand. We’ll then show how to practice what you’ve learned, develop it and get it into your playing fast.

Great Resources

Each course has downloadable workbooks (including chord charts, notation & TAB) to guide you through and help you get the most out of every lesson. Plus, backing tracks (where required), for you to play along to. You can work in your own time and at your own pace.


Engage and join ranks with other Academy members for feedback and to share your learning & bass playing experiences.

Transcription Library

If you’ve always wanted to learn your favourite bass line, or you’re looking for inspiration for new bass lines to get to grips with, the Academy has a transcription library of bass lines in all styles.

Developing Core Curriculum

New courses are being introduced all the time, so the Academy’s bass program will continue to grow and meet the needs of our members.


One-to-One mentoring and support throughout your membership, to help you understand what to focus on, what to work on and in what order, to benefit you most.

Guided Learning

Progressive courses, designed to give you a guided route from beginner through to advanced level.


“Happy Practicing!”

Honest Feedback

The feedback you receive will be genuine and honest and always aimed at helping you focus on the most appropriate areas of study for you. We want to help you to understand, learn and practice more effectively. Our ultimate aim… to help you Play Better Bass.

Our Ethos

At the Academy of Bass, we don’t think it’s quite enough to offer engaging courses and comprehensive support materials alone. Each course also has its own study guide to help you get the most out of every lesson.

We’ll show you the most effective way to tackle every course including how and what to practice. Most courses have additional video content too, with lots of great ideas of how to work.

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Members say…

“The insight I get as to what to practice and the hints and tips of how to work on lesson material in different ways is nothing short of inspiring. It’s made a huge difference to my playing and I’m loving every minute.”

John Harbour

“Awesome in every way. Great lessons and resources. The course books are packed full of detail and the backing tracks are really good too. Especially those with live musicians.”

David Gould

“Superb value for money. Great lessons, genuine teaching and encouraging feedback. I wish I’d found this sooner”

Hannah Stonebridge

Do we know what’s best for you?

Of course the answer is no.

However, having gone through the process of turning

Q: “What do we need to learn, in order to be a good professional musician?”

A: “Everything!”

into a real life learning plan, we really do understanding what is required to be a good bass player, the difference between tricks & licks versus essential musical tools and of course, the importance of having fun along the way too.

All about learning

We know from experience that many students struggle to fully digest musical material and even when they do understand, can still find it difficult to process what they’ve learned, so they can work on things independently.

It’s our mission therefore, to help break down the learning barriers between what is presented in every Academy lesson and show you ways of how to practice things effectively, so that you can use what you’ve learned in your own playing.

Courses are designed to be sequential. Rather than dive in and work through lessons in a random manner, we’ve taken great care to plan and present them in a way that leads you through the learning pathway, and allows you to build up expertise whilst working  at your own pace.



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